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McGeachy Consulting, LLC. HR Consulting services in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR.

Every workplace is different. Let’s make your exceptional.

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HR Planning Calendar for Small Business

HR Planning Calendar for SMBs

Small and medium sized businesses need HR Planning more than you might expect.

A plan will ensure that you include all of the important aspects of creating a workplace where people thrive yet at a cadence that is manageable for your small business. Get your HR Planning Calendar download today!

Exceptional Interview Questions

Exceptional Interview Questions

Ready to take your interviewing to the next level?

Get your own Exceptional Interview Questions guide and you will be on your way to interviewing magic. The guide includes important questions to ask candidates upfront along with behavioral based interview questions. 


The Exceptional Workplace

Are you ready to cultivate an exceptional workplace?

The Exceptional Workplace premium newsletter content is on-point and delivered to your inbox regularly to cultivate exceptional people practices for small and medium sized businesses. Are you ready to take a proactive approach to your HR and People Practices?

***Bonus content includes templates such as; phone screen, offer letter, HR Planning Guide, Employee Relations Guide, Exceptional Interview Questions and more! 

About McGeachy Consulting

Business owners, company executives, HR professionals, and Controllers all look to McGeachy Consulting as a trusted, hands-on partner. Unlike other HR companies that may view their work with you as transactional, we collaborate with all members of upper management as an integral part of your overall business philosophy and strategy. As a long-term partner, we are deeply invested in, and connected to the success of your organization.

We are a rock-solid resource for support, development, and education when companies face a critical human resources decisions, moving the situation from crisis to confidence. We are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and climb into the trenches with you to make the tough choices, so that you can find the right solutions with the right people.

We are your go-to partner when you are ready to have a conversation on how Human Resources can positively and proactively affect your business ecosystem. Together, we create systems and structures that strengthen your workplace culture and support your employees to become leaders at all levels.