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The Exceptional Workplace

Human Resources (HR) tools for small and medium-sized businesses in the US.

Workplace strategies you’ll love, stories you’ll connect with, and how-to information you need, all cultivated for small and medium business leaders.

FIVE STARS! The Exceptional Workplace is a must have HR tool for growing businesses that want to build an engaged and empowered workplace.”
— Wendy

The Exceptional Workplace is a premium weekly eLetter that provides on-point, relevant workplace content in a way that is easy for readers to grasp and move towards action in their workplace. I am big on simplicity and execution. If you only get one workplace newsletter let this the be one to ensure that you stay informed about trends, important dates, team building strategies and even big employment law updates. Let me streamline this for you.

What you can expect from each issue:

  • Be informed of important workplace dates and how to plan for them (employee appreciation day).
  • Advice on cultivating exceptional workplace and exceptional leaders (information will be brief and to the point).
  • High-level view of workplace compliance.
  • Curated content from blogs, podcasts, video clips all streamlined especially for leaders who are focused on developing exceptional workplaces with limited time and resources.
  • Progressive ideas, tools and resources to help leaders create a workplace that has an edge over the competition.
I love reading the Exceptional Workplace letter! It’s a great resource to give me fresh ideas. It helps me be a more creative and proactive leader.
— Haley
The Exceptional Workplace is a great tool for busy owners and managers like myself. It allows me to be more efficient with my time, fuels my HR/leadership toolbox and reminds me of key dates/events. It helps me be a more engaged and proactive leader.
— Andrew
I was able to apply a new learning this week from The Exceptional Workplace eLetter. I look forward to reading next week’s post. It happened again this Tuesday when The Exceptional Workplace eLetter hit my inbox with a message of encouragement that I needed to hear. The timing was perfect! Thanks Amy!
— Paula

Click on the samples below to read some recent eLetters:

The Exceptional Workplace Newsletter arrives in my email mid-morning each Tuesday and always feels like a nice surprise, just when I need a few minute break from the usual day-to-day responsibilities. The newsletter contains helpful insight and information. It continues to keep me motivated to improve my skills! I recommend subscribing to the newsletter.
— Joy

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why would a I want a paid newsletter when I can just use Google?

A. The Exceptional Workplace is a specifically curated eLetter designed for business leaders who are interested in designing an exceptional workplace but remain focused on their own core competencies. It's meant to provide snappy, relevant information that leaders can use and act on in their workplace. Amy McGeachy uses her 15+ years as an HR Professional and entrepreneur herself to curate information specifically to the unique needs of the group that are on-time and on-point. So, sure you can use Google but if you want this unique perspective targeted to small and medium sized businesses you will want to subscribe to The Exceptional Workplace.

Q. How often will I get The Exceptional Workplace?

A. The Exceptional Workplace will be delivered every Tuesday directly to your inbox at the email address that you provide.

Q. Can I share The Exceptional Workplace eLetter with my colleagues?

A. Yes, of course! And, if they like what they read they may want to sign-up too. Or, you can keep forwarding every...single...week. It's your choice.

Q. Is my name and contact information kept private once I sign up for The Exceptional Workplace eLetter?

A. Yes, your name and contact information will be kept private and never shared or sold without your explicit consent. We operate with the highest level of integrity and can assure you no funny business here.

Q. Why would I subscribe to a paid newsletter when I can get free newsletters?

A. This eLetter is different. It comes in weekly intervals focused specifically on the areas small and medium sized businesses need direction and it is bite-sized. Meaning, it's efficient enough for you to read it and act on it despite your sometimes chaotic schedule. Besides, are you really reading all of those free newsletters you subscribe to? Studies show that if you pay for something you are more likely to use it. Let's be honest, I want you to use the information in this newsletter to make your workplace exceptional. By paying for it you are already that much more committed to acting on the information that is sent.

Amy McGeachy, HR Consultant
Clients often ask for help to create a proactive people practice strategies. They need to implement positive change that will impact the culture of their workplace and ultimately improve professional development, attracting great talent and even employee retention. The problem is that their day-to-day work prevents them from taking necessary steps towards cultivating an exceptional workplace. 

I get that. 

That’s why I created The Exceptional Workplace. It’s the culmination of over a decade of working with SMB (small/medium business) owners and leaders to help them grow their HR and people practices to create truly exceptional places to work - all in quick, straight-to-the-point weekly emails. 
All you have to do is open, read, and implement. That’s it. I’ve made it simple for every leader to make their workplaces truly shine.
— Amy McGeachy, CEO McGeachy Consulting