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Every workplace is different. Make yours exceptional.

There’s always something new to learn as a small business leader. From continuous professional development to keep you at the front of your industry to new ways of working better to the ever-changing HR compliance regulations, it can feel like there’s a never-ending stream of information coming your way.

And while you know it’s important to stay on top of it all if you want to grow and develop your business, when it comes down to the day to day of actually running a small business, it can be hard to find the time to read up on the latest strategies for team management, much less the mental space to think about how you can best apply them.


That’s what The Exceptional Workplace is all about.

Created for busy business leaders interested in the most effective, quickest way to learn and implement the strategies and skills needed to take your workplace to the next level, this premium newsletter is your secret weapon for organizational development.

Personally curated by HR Consultant Amy McGeachy, each issue contains a comprehensive review of the most important topics in people practices and business leadership, broken down into bite-sized, actionable steps; insider takes on the latest changes in the HR industry and what they mean for your business; and resources specifically designed to make it easier for you to plan, develop, and cultivate an exceptional workplace.


The result?

  • You stay on the cutting edge of HR and organizational development, get the tools you need to become the leader your business needs, and have a safe space that supports your professional growth.

  • Your organization enjoys the benefits of your effective, streamlined HR, including a more productive, engaged workforce; lower risk of costly compliance issues; and a solid base from which to scale, if that’s what you want.

  • Your staff feels cared for and understood, excited about the work they’re doing with you and supported in their own growth and development. (Not to mention they all start pulling in the same direction, get incredibly clear on their role and how that contributes to organizational goals, and stick around longer.)


The Exceptional Workplace is 20 years of HR expertise, distilled into a premium weekly newsletter.

What does that look like? We’re so glad you asked! As a member of The Exceptional Workplace, you get:

  • Mini-masterclasses in important topics like culture building, developing your management vision, and attracting and retaining talent; insights into the latest people practices, and exercises, checklists; and resources to help you stay on top of your HR, all delivered conveniently in a premium, magazine-style newsletter.

  • Timely reminders of important events that can make your workplace that much better. Think: Employee Appreciation Day, Take Your Child To Work Day, Administrative Professionals' Day, etc. Plus we give you easy, concrete suggestions for making the most of these events.

  • A yearly HR planning guide so you can proactively plan for 12 months of people-driven HR strategies that actually work.

  • An ever-expanding library of resources for team-building and organizational development.

  • A safe place to ask questions and get useful, personalized answers. The Exceptional Workplace is interactive; you’re encouraged to reach out and ask questions, make topic suggestions, and engage with each issue of the weekly newsletter.

  • Incredibly useful templates to streamline the process of everything from offer letters to employee relations.

  • To never, ever have to do an Annual Performance Review again. (Hooray!) We’ve included our Quarterly Performance Goals guide and worksheet so you can get the results you want to get from an Annual Performance Review without the (often pointless) trudge through the same old forms.

  • Book and podcast reviews. Want to go deeper with your development, but don’t know where to start? Amy personally reviews resources every month so you can get a sense of which ones you actually want to spend time on.

  • Access to a database of 100+ issues of The Exceptional Workplace.


Helping small businesses cultivate exceptional workplaces through HR and People Practices is what we do best.


Amy McGeachy

Amy McGeachy, the founder of The Exceptional Workplace, has spent nearly a decade working hands-on with small business owners to cultivate their workforce and create the kind of businesses they’re proud to lead.

Using her nearly 20 years in the Human Resource profession she’s helped businesses meet organizational objectives like growing their teams, outgrowing their buildings, and recruiting and selecting senior-level leaders to meet the demands of their growing business, as well as addressing the human side of work, teaching business leaders how to transform the cultures of their organizations, foster engagement and productivity, and become the leaders their people deserve.


The Exceptional Workplace is the easiest way to tap into Amy’s deep and diverse set of skills, strategies, and resources –– all for the price of a couple coffees a month.

Join The Exceptional Workplace and get Amy’s best tips for developing your workplace, an intelligent take on the latest trends and requirements in HR, access to her vast library of resources (searchable by topic!), and members-only bonuses like team-building exercises, the formula for the perfect employee appreciation day, and more!


There’s a reason our retention rate is nearly 100%.

The Exceptional Workplace really is that good. But if you’re not completely satisfied, you can cancel your subscription at any time, no hassle, no hard feelings, and no strings attached.

I was able to apply a new learning this week from The Exceptional Workplace eLetter. I look forward to reading next week’s post. It happened again this Tuesday when The Exceptional Workplace eLetter hit my inbox with a message of encouragement that I needed to hear. The timing was perfect! Thanks Amy!
— Paula
The Exceptional Workplace Newsletter arrives in my email mid-morning each Tuesday and always feels like a nice surprise, just when I need a few minute break from the usual day-to-day responsibilities. The newsletter contains helpful insight and information. It continues to keep me motivated to improve my skills! I recommend subscribing to the newsletter.
— Joy


Q. Can’t I just find the same information on Google? Why bother with a membership to The Exceptional Workplace?

A. Well, you could just look online –– it’s true that there’s no shortage of information. But that’s one of the problems. Do you really have time to sort the wheat from the chaff?

Plus, as great as Google is, they can’t give you a members-only, carefully curated set of resources, the latest in HR and small business strategy, and live feedback from someone who lives and breathes this world. If you want to develop yourself as a business leader while remaining focused on your core competencies, this is a way better option.

Q. How often will I get The Exceptional Workplace?

A. You’ll get a new Exceptional Workplace newsletter full of useful information, resources, and important date reminders every Tuesday. You can also access back issues whenever you want to on our members-only website. (No more trawling through your inbox to find that one old issue!)

Q. Can I share The Exceptional Workplace eLetter with my colleagues?

A. Yes, of course! And if they like what they read they may want to sign up too. Or, you can keep forwarding it every ... single ... week. It's your choice.

Q. Will you share my name and contact information without telling me?

A. Absolutely not! We treat your information the same way we want people to treat ours: with respect, and held in strictest confidence. We will never sell your information, and we’ll never share it without your explicit consent.


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FIVE STARS! The Exceptional Workplace is a must have HR tool for growing businesses that want to build an engaged and empowered workplace.
— Wendy
The Exceptional Workplace is a great tool for busy owners and managers like myself. It allows me to be more efficient with my time, fuels my HR/leadership toolbox and reminds me of key dates/events. It helps me be a more engaged and proactive leader.
— Andrew
I love reading the Exceptional Workplace letter! It’s a great resource to give me fresh ideas. It helps me be a more creative and proactive leader.
— Haley