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CoachingQ’s is a card deck for Leaders that will help you become a better coach, mentor, leader and team builder. By using the cue cards in a variety of fun, interactive business settings, this deck of cards will be a dominant figure in your management toolbox. One set of CoachingQ’s includes a white label box and 45 colorful coaching questions, or cue’s, that leaders can use in the workplace.
There are three types of CoachingQ cards included:
Red – An excellent source for interview questions. Hiring managers may use them to develop questions for their next interview. Candidates may use them to help prepare for an upcoming job search.
Aqua – Excellent when used as a team builder. Can be used at the beginning of a meeting as a team builder or icebreaker. They are fun questions for individuals to answer in groups.
Black – Meant to be used as coaching questions that a leader can ask themselves, their direct report or their team.


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