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The top 5 reasons business leaders, CEOs, and Presidents of small and medium-sized business engage the help of an HR Consultant.

First, their business is growing. Clients have found that a growing business is a blessing and that it also needs to be fed with well-pinned people strategies to be effective. Growing from 5 employees to 15 employees, or from 44 employees to 64 employees impacts your people practices. Working with an HR Consultant can help ease the organization into that growth and help plan for future expansion. 

Second, employees are asking more questions than the CEO can answer. If you're feeling slightly overwhelmed by the number or complexity of HR questions coming your way it might be time to get help. Putting in place an HR strategy or enhanced structure can be the best decision you make for your business. We know that when you're just starting out the CEO can be wearing many hats (CEO, HR Director, Payroll and VP of Sales). This is 100% normal but not sustainable or scalable.

Third, they ask themselves, am I doing this right? It's easy to feel moderately confident in your HR management skills when your business is small, but when the complexity of the team, people, culture and organizational structure grow, it's time to engage an HR Consultant. Besides, it's reassuring to have an external thought partner when you're leading a company.

Fourth, they are starting a new business. It's never too early to use an HR resource to help set up your people practices if you are starting or buying a business. If it's the later, it is a good idea to conduct an HR Audit to get a baseline of your newly purchased business (areas of strength, risk, and opportunity).

Fifth, they have received a claim of harassment or discrimination. This happens. Occasionally a very talented do-it-yourself business president calls because everything was going well with their small business staff until someone filed a complaint. 

Start with an HR Audit:

HR Audit - McGeachy Consulting

Start with an HR Audit to get a baseline of your business. It feels wonderful to know your strengths, risks and opportunities for improvement.

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