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Small Business Leaders; Here are 10 Reasons to be Grateful.

In honor of Thanksgiving and the upcoming Small Business Saturday gratitude and all of the love for small businesses is in the air. To reinforce the benefits small business leaders enjoy, as opposed to their counterparts running massive organizations, here is a list of reasons to be grateful for leading in a small business.


10 Reasons Small Business Leaders can be Grateful.

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  1. You know all of your employees by name, their family, and you might even know their dog's name too!

  2. Your entire leadership team can sit around one table.

  3. Making a business change to ebb and flow as needed is like steering a kayak, it takes some effort but your hard work will pay off, versus captaining a large vessel.

  4. You have a significant influence on what's happening in your workplace. Awe, the sweet feeling of good ol' American independence.

  5. Team building, with your entire team, is possible! Try this one --> Portraits of Appreciation

  6. Calling a morning huddle in the lobby or conference room doesn't usually require calculating time zones and video conferencing.

  7. A dozen (or two or three) Blue Star Donuts makes for a sweet snack for your afternoon all staff team meeting.

  8. As a leader you can share your vision in 1:1 dialog to ensure that everyone is engaged.

  9. Some fantastic tools are free to small businesses under a certain number! Officevibe (employee engagement tool) is one example.

  10. In times of significant excitement or significant sadness for your business or team, your whole workforce comes together to support and encourage.

Bonus: Small business leaders know their workforce well enough to realize that enrolling team members in a "Jelly of the Month" club is not a good holiday gift (a la the movie Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase).

Love practical tips for creating an exceptional business? We’ve got loads more in The Exceptional Workplace! We help small business leaders (CEO, Owners, HR, Controllers) cultivate exceptional workplaces through strong HR and people practices.